Palm Springs Hearing Seminars (PSHS)—an annual seminar providing Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for audiologists, otolaryngologists, and hearing instrument specialists—announced its virtual conference Providing Hearing Healthcare During the COVID-19 Pandemic to take place December 4-5, 2020.

According to the seminar’s organizers, the conference will focus on “safely and effectively providing hearing healthcare during the Covid-19 pandemic.” The conference will feature leading experts who will teach attendees about viruses, virology, and infection control as well as how to provide effective hearing healthcare while protecting yourself, your co-workers, and your patients. They will also provide tutorials on telehealth and the remote programming options of hearing instruments.

Tentative Schedule: There may be a last-minute change in a speaker, but the topics should remain the same.


Vincent Racaniello PhDColumbia University

Jeffery Holt PhD Harvard Medical School

Robert Margolis PhD University of Minnesota

Mark A. Parker PhDTufts University School of Medicine

Jessica Rosende MPH, CIC, CSSGB Huntington Hospital

Donald Schum PhD Oticon

Ryan Woodse3 Audiometrics

Natalie Loyola AuDWidex

Sandie Dela Cruz AuD, FAAA GN ReSound

Erika PorterPhonak

Friday December 4, 2020 (ALL TIMES ARE PST)

Section I: Virology

8-9 Racaniello – What is a Virus?

9-10 Rosende – Epidemiology of COVID-19 

10-11 Holt – Viral-mediated Gene Therapy for Genetic Hearing Loss

Section II. Reinventing Your Practice

12-1 Parker –Establishing a Safe Workplace for Yourself, Your Co-Workers, and Your Patients

1-2 Rosende – Infectious Control

2-3 Schum  – The Role of New Technologies in the Hearing Aid World 

Saturday December 5, 2020 (ALL TIMES ARE PST)

Section III. Telehealth Platforms

8-9 Parker/Woods – Introduction to Telehealth & Remote Programming

9-10 Margolis– Automated Pure Tone Audiometry – Quality Control

10-11 Margolis – Automated Speech Recognition Testing

Section IV. Remote Programming Platforms

12-1 Loyola – This Sound Changes Everything:  Technology and Remote Programming

1-2 Dela Cruz – ReSound Assist and the Benefits of Remote Programming 

2-3 Porter – Remote Programming with Phonak

The State of California Hearing Aid Dispensing Board has accredited the entire program for 12 CEUs for both Dispensers and for Audiologists. Additionally, the entire course is accredited by IHS for 12 CEUs and by and AAA for 1.2 CEUs.

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Source: Palm Springs Hearing Seminars

Images: Palm Springs Hearing Seminars