CareCredit, Costa Mesa, Calif, a leading healthcare credit card for more than 27 years, and TIMS Audiology Software, Billings, Mont, have announced the launch of newly integrated features that provide hearing practices with instant desktop access to program information and payment options that help patients get recommended hearing care.  The TIMS Audiology practice management software, with the CareCredit upgrade, is available to practices in the TIMS Version 6 release.

According to the companies, the upgrade and inclusion of CareCredit features within TIMS allows practices to manage more tasks without leaving their practice management software.  Users can process CareCredit applications, transactions, and perform reporting functions directly from TIMS, eliminating the need to re-enter patient details and toggle between programs.

“We understand the needs of today’s hearing professionals for easy-to-use and integrated tools that perform multiple functions,” said CareCredit President Dave Fasoli. “This is an example of how technology can automate, save time, and simplify systems within the practice, benefiting the team and patients who are able to get the hearing aids they need to live life more fully.”

Practices that currently accept CareCredit can immediately begin processing applications through their software once they have updated to TIMS Version 6 by contacting TIMS Audiology Support at (800) 763-0308. Practices that would like to add CareCredit can get started by calling 800-300-3046, ext. 4519.

Source: CareCredit and TIMS Audiology Software