Avada Audiology and Hearing Care Centers, Louisville, Ky, operating subsidiary of Hearing Healthcare Management Inc (HHM), conducted three days of meetings with its Regional Directors on April 28 to 30 in Louisville, according to the company.

The sessions were led in part by the company’s CEO Steve W. Barlow, who says the topics centered around strategic business planning and improving local business skills through Best Practices application.

Detailed discussions took place on the implementation of Best Practices. “At the end of the day, the successful implementation of the details makes all the difference and determines whether or not you are successful,” Barlow says. “Keeping an eye on, and analyzing, every business project and expense is a must in order to remain an ongoing entity. The company and regional directors are fully committed to operating a profitable company both short and long term."

Avada Hearing Care Centers have posted a number of consecutive profitable years and fully expect that trend to continue, he says.

The regional directors and members participation in these meetings will ensure that Avada will remain a viable entity going forward, providing the highest standard of patient care available, the company says.

Avada operates more than 280 hearing care centers nationwide, and is founded, owned, and operated by hearing professionals with more than 365 years of senior management experience in patient care and advanced practice management.

[Source: Avada]