AuDNet Inc and the US division of Unitron have joined forces to create the Patient Care Excellence Program, which seeks to enlist AuDNet member practices to participate in an ongoing best practices program for patient care.

The new program is designed to both deliver the best standards in quality adult hearing health care, and nationally measure the impact that standard of care has on overall patient satisfaction and success.

“Ever since May 2006, when the AAA Task Force first published its summary guidelines regarding audiologic management of adult hearing impairment, the audiology profession has needed a way to unify behind this standard of care,” stated Brian Taylor, AuD, director of practice development and clinical affairs at Unitron. “Through our collaboration with AuDNet, an organization consisting exclusively of audiology practices, we hope to encourage thousands of audiologists to not only commit to providing this standard of care, but to work with us in quantifying the national impact this patient care has on overall treatment success.”

David Smriga, MA, president of AuDNet, commented in the press statement, “By soliciting input and opinions from both patients who have received best practice care, as well as those who have not, we hope to quantify the impact that the best practice level of care has on overall patient satisfaction.”

Smriga and Taylor expect to deliver the first findings from the Patient Care Excellence Program in early 2014. They hope the data will encourage patients seeking hearing evaluation to visit an audiologist who uses best practices, as well as further spread the best practices level of care throughout the profession.

Audiologists who participate in the Patient Care Excellence Program will receive unique pricing and access to Unitron products and services, as well as be listed in AuDNet’s annual national patient care survey.