Oticon, Inc announced the launch of Oticon RemoteCare to all US hearing care professionals. The new telehealth solution helps expand the potential for hearing care professionals to assist more patients remotely, even when a face-to-face appointment would normally be the most appropriate way to provide care. RemoteCare helps allow hearing care professionals to follow-up online with patients to remotely adjust and fine-tune hearing aids in a virtual appointment.  First fit with Oticon RemoteCare helps further expand the scope of the telehealth solution to give hearing care professionals the ability to provide initial fittings to a select group of patients with valid audiograms, while patients remain at home during the current virus outbreak.

“Oticon RemoteCare is a valuable tool that enables you to continue to meet vital hearing healthcare needs when in-person appointments cannot take place or when patients are unable to travel to your office,” said Donald Schum, PhD, Vice President of Audiology for Oticon, Inc. “In these extraordinary times, better hearing and the ability to communicate by phone and video are more critical than ever to help people with hearing loss stay connected. First fit with Oticon RemoteCare gives practitioners the potential to initialize fittings both with current users and with patients who have discussed amplification, perhaps even trialed devices, but who have not yet purchased devices.” 

Scheduling Remote Real-time Adjustments 

With Oticon RemoteCare, hearing care professionals communicate with patients and make real-time adjustments to the patients’ hearing aids remotely using a PC camera or external camera, a microphone and speakers or headset, and a stable Internet connection. Patients with compatible Oticon hearing aids with 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® simply download the Oticon RemoteCare App and use a compatible iPhone®, iPad®, or Android®phone to connect to their hearing care provider.Data is communicated securely via the internet from the patient’s hearing aids. Patients can see, hear, and chat with their hearing care provider during the online appointment.

First Fit with Oticon RemoteCare 

For select patients who have valid audiograms, first fit with Oticon RemoteCare helps allow hearing care professionals to fit new hearing aids remotely, according to Oticon. The Oticon RemoteCare Guide offers step-by-step instructions for remote fittings with both existing and select new patients.

“At Oticon, we recognize the tremendous value that is created in face-to-face, in-person interaction between the patient and hearing healthcare provider,” said Schum. “While not all fittings or adjustments are possible remotely, Oticon RemoteCare allows you to assist select patients during challenging times and support their need for better hearing.  As soon as it is safe to resume office visits, you can return to caring for patients in a live, face-to-face appointment.”

Get more information about Oticon RemoteCare. To sign up for a RemoteCare account contact your Oticon Account Manager.Download the RemoteCare Quick Guide.

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Source: Oticon

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