Lynx.MD announced that they have partnered with ENT Partners (ENT&C Management, LLC), a physician practice management company (PPMC) specializing in the ear, nose, throat, and sleep industry, to advance ENT medical research and clinical practice. Using the cloud-based Lynx MD platform, ENT Partners can “securely, and with privacy controls in place, share accumulated real-world health data with academics, pharmaceutical companies, and Medtech communities to support the development of innovative medical protocols and technologies.”

Jim Feinstein, ENT Partners CEO, said, “ENT Partners is committed to helping doctors provide comprehensive ENT patient care and growing practices. With Lynx MD, we can take advantage of our expanded data insights to give our practices, physicians, and patients access to cutting-edge technology to improve care and outcomes for our patients. The Lynx platform makes it easy to upload, share, and access identified and de-identified real-world data from diverse sources, allowing providers to collaborate on current patient care pathways and enabling data analysts to extract insights that can help transform the future of patient care.” 

ENT Partners provides the opportunity to improve outcomes for ENT patients globally, according to the companies’ announcement. The Lynx platform provides “advanced firewall algorithms and the application of medical-grade cybersecurity protection protocols, enabling partners to securely collaborate with de-identified, real-world data to drive ENT research.” Healthcare organizations, like ENT Partners, reportedly “maintain full control of what data is anonymized and when and with whom data is shared.” The actual data never leaves the ENT Partners’ private cloud environment, the company says.

“Streamlining real-world data access for research and innovation is the lifeblood for technological advancements in medicine. From using medical images to detect risk factors, to leveraging longitudinal medical records to design effective clinical trials, and conduct large-scale population-level analyses, health data has the power to transform people’s lives. However, innovative medical research and development requires expansive datasets,” said Lynx MD CEO and Co-Founder Omer Dror. “With Lynx, healthcare providers, Medtech and life sciences researchers and data analysts can securely collaborate and accelerate diagnostic and therapeutic solutions that can help improve patient outcomes. Partnering with ENT Partners contributes to our mission to deliver the largest secure, privacy-compliant, real-world ENT dataset for researchers around the world.”

Source: Lynx.MD, ENT Partners

Images: Lynx.MD, ENT Partners