Grason-Stadler (GSI), an audiometric instrumentation company, has announced a license agreement with Audiology Incorporated that offers the software AMTAS as a feature on various GSI audiometers. The new software GSI-AMTAS, is designed to perform automated diagnostic audiograms, speech reception thresholds, and speech recognition scores. The AMTAS software is integrated with a GSI audiometer using a PC or tablet, according to GSI, and patients interact with the software to complete the evaluation.

According to the announcement, the GSI-AMTAS software program incorporates several software modules, including AMTAS, AMTEST, AMCLASS, and Qualind. The company says that these programs were developed by Audiology Incorporated with support from the National Institutes of Health Small Business Technology Transfer program. Research partners include the University of Minnesota, the University of Utah, and the James H. Quillen Veterans Administration Medical Center. For more about the license agreement and other information, please visit the Audiology Incorporated or GSI websites.

Source: GSI