A pair of audiologists have launched a new venture aimed at driving down the cost of doing business for audiology, ENT, and hearing aid practices, called Audiology Exclusive, LLC, the company announced. The venture is modeled on popular discount sites like Groupon and others.
“Everyone is looking for new and creative ways to reduce costs without having to sacrifice quality of care,” said company co-founder, Kevin Liebe, AuD. “Surprisingly, nobody has done anything quite like this for our industry.”

“When I was in practice, I would have jumped on something like this,” said fellow co-founder, Robert Traynor, EdD, MBA, who owned and operated a successful private practice in Colorado for many years.

Audiology Exclusive: From Idea to Launch

The idea that would eventually become Audiology Exclusive, LLC was born out of Hearing Health and Technology Matters (HHTM).  In 2018, the site was acquired by longtime contributor, Dr Kevin Liebe, a clinical audiologist who had served in editorial and other various capacities for HHTM since 2013. As President and CEO of the HHTM Group, he launched FindHearing.com in spring of 2019 as a way to better serve consumers searching for information about hearing loss.

From left to right: Kevin Liebe and Dr Robert Traynor

From left to right: Dr Kevin Liebe, AuD, and Dr Robert Traynor, EdD, MBA

In 2019, Dr Traynor, one of the original founding partners of HHTM, sold his audiology practice in Colorado and became a contributor to Dr Liebe’s FindHearing.com site. This relationship led to discussions about the high cost of products creating competitive difficulty for independent hearing care practices. As the discussions progressed, the pair decided to combine their skills and connections to establish Audiology Exclusive (AE), a new platform for hearing professionals to obtain significant savings for their clinics.

A New Concept for Practices to Boost Their Bottom Line

Unlike a buying group, the concept behind the Audiology Exclusive system has been compared to discount sites like Groupon. On the company’s website, hearing professionals will find short-term promotions each week from a variety of different hearing healthcare businesses—supplies, equipment, hearing devices, software, etc.

According to the company’s announcement, Audiology Exclusive’s concept is said to have been “well received by businesses throughout the hearing industry that are interested in expanding their reach and acquiring new customers.”

According to Henrik Nielsen, President of Blueprint Solutions, “Audiology Exclusive is an excellent way for us to get the word out about our leading office management solution and also promote specific value-added features to our current users.”

No formal business contracts are required to access the weekly promotions being offered at Audiology Exclusive. Hearing professionals simply need to sign up to receive free access to the deals being offered on the site.

Audiology Exclusive is currently available to hearing clinics in the US, but the company hopes to expand into other markets next year.

For more information, visit: https://audiologyexclusive.com/.

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