AuDConnex announced its redesigned 3X Business Enhancement Program. The collaborative audiology network/buying group is opening up its 3X program to all AuDConnex practices. You no longer have to be a 3X member to receive practice changing tools and strategy, according to the company’s announcement.

“Over the past four years we have seen offices who have invested the time in our 3X program grow their practice exponentially. We want to share these important business tools and strategies to help all of our members across the country. It’s too good of a program not to share it,” says Rich Johnson, AuD, co-founder of AuDConnex.

AuDConnex designed the original, members-only 3X program in 2016 to help growth-minded business owners take their practice to the next level.

“Audiologists are trained to be great hearing care practitioners, but many struggle with the tools and strategies needed to make the business side of their practice successful. That’s why 3X is a game-changer,” adds Johnson.

The 3X Business Enhancement Program has been redesigned with more business enhancement support, including: exclusive owner and staff training workshops and events, wealth management, sales training, human resources support, business management support, and marketing. 

“The program really works. We hear tremendous feedback from our members. In fact, the average 3X member is growing their business by 27% every year. It is truly changing the direction of private practices. The benefits are endless,” said Michael Iliff, AUD, co-founder of AuDConnex. 

For more information about the 3X Business Enhancement Program, email: [email protected] or [email protected].

Source: AuDConnex