Colorado Springs, Colo — Westone Laboratories Inc has released three new custom digital electronic hearing protection devices for shooting and hunting enthusiasts. The DefendEar Digital line utilizes a modular earpiece design, combining a removable digital module into a specialized custom silicone earpiece.

“Our DefendEar Digital custom hearing protection delivers exceptional comfort and attenuation using our proprietary medical grade Otoblast silicone. We then apply Slick-Sil®, an anti-microbial coating. The result is a custom-fit earpiece that’s superior to anything on the market today,” explains David Stanton, Westone military and law enforcement business manager, in the press release. “We’re using the same battle tested materials and design that we developed for the US Air Force pilots.”

The DefendEar Digital product range includes the Digital 1, Digital 2, and Hunter models. All DefendEar Digital models feature CENS® digital technology, developed from the ground up by shooting and hunting enthusiasts for superior noise attenuation and situational awareness.

The Digital 1 is designed for the all around shooting enthusiast. Digital 2 offers the flexibility of two programs designed for a shooter who participates in both target and field activities. The DefendEar Hunter model gives the hunter the option of reduced wind noise at the push of a button.

All of the digital modules are interchangeable with the custom-made silicone earpieces, allowing for easier cleaning and maintenance.

David Slepak, Westone’s marketing director, commented in the press statement, “Each DefendEar module uses sophisticated DSP (digital signal processing) algorithms that provide instantaneous noise suppression but also a user experience that is extremely transparent. You can seamlessly have a conversation between stands on the sporting clay course or home in on a covey of quail that is about to break. Pull the trigger, and you’ve got the confidence that your hearing is protected shot after shot.”

More information is available on Westone’s website.

SOURCE: Westone Laboratories Inc