Siemens Hearing Instruments has launched its official Facebook page in the United States. The company’s first entry into social media coincides with Better Hearing and Speech Month.

Scott Davis, CEO, Siemens Hearing Instruments, commented in the press announcement, "As we celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month, Siemens’ new Facebook page brings hearing loss to the forefront by drawing attention to how it impacts people’s social interaction and emotional well-being, not to mention its association with other health conditions."

The new Facebook page will provide information on hearing loss and updates on Siemens’ product innovations and marketing promotions for both hearing care professionals and consumers. Siemens says that the goal of the page is to engage with all members of the hearing care community, including hearing professionals, hearing aid wearers, and people seeking help and their families.

"To really understand what our customers and consumers are experiencing, we need to connect with them on as many levels as possible," said Davis. "With the launch of our Facebook page, everyone can share their experiences, participate in the conversation, and learn more about Siemens’ award-winning products and services."

Visit Siemens Hearing Instruments USA’s Facebook page here to join the conversation.

SOURCE: Siemens Healthcare