ReSound has launched ReSound Verso™, a flexible new hearing aid that delivers binaural processing through wireless e2e communication.

ReSound Verso leverages both hearing instruments in a binaural fitting to work as one synchronized system. According to the company, it delivers outstanding speech understanding in noise and provides the most natural sound experience of any other ReSound instrument. The company also highlights Verso’s advanced feedback management without compromising sound quality or gain.

Operating on the 2.4 GHz platform, “ReSound Verso is yet another example of ReSound’s award-winning technology and advances the industry’s approach to e2e functionality,” said Kevin Mensink, ReSound’s VP of marketing, in a press statement.

ReSound Verso offers the most natural listening experience available in hearing instruments, according to the company. The proprietary algorithms in Verso provide versatility and flexibility that come from both instruments working together to analyze the environment and adjust to patient needs, making Verso unique in the industry. “Verso’s binaural fusion empowers the user to hear every sound, while allowing them to focus on the sounds and speech they want to listen to,” said Mensink.

Verso is also designed to be easy to use by patients. When changing programs or volume in one hearing instrument, the same changes are automatically made to the second instrument. Comfort Phone™ detects when a phone has been placed next to one hearing instrument and reduces the gain in the other instrument, allowing patients to focus more easily on—and listen more comfortably to—their phone conversations. “Verso is exceptional in background noise—patients can clearly hear and focus on speech signals even if they are in a noisy, complex listening environment,” said Mensink.

For hearing professionals and dispensers, Verso offers ease of fitting with wireless programming, Auto DFS for feedback-free fittings, and In-Situ Audiometry. The new hearing instrument is available in a full line-up of models, styles, and colors, from a new ultra-cosmetic IIC to a top performing high power BTE.

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