As of January 1, 2009, EarQ Group, Syracuse, NY, will add GN ReSound as one of its manufacturers.

The new relationship will allow EarQ Group members to receive the benefit of EarQ’s business services and ReSound’s hearing solutions.

EarQ helps private hearing health care practitioners to achieve their business goals, while remaining autonomous.

“Teaming up with ReSound is another way to bring more value to our members,” says Ed Keller, president and CEO of EarQ. “When we saw some of the new technological developments from GN ReSound, we knew it would be a great opportunity to offer with our membership.”

Cary Dawson, senior VP of EarQ Group says that “with the addition of ReSound, we have rounded off the product selection under our brand to offer private practices the advantage needed in today’s highly competitive environment.”

EarQ Group is a nationwide network of 750-plus practice locations that are independently owned and operated. It provides members with practice support, such as value-based marketing, business tools, audiology support, and staff training. Members are provided with an industry-trained business advisor who serves as an assistant their business needs.