Danita Bye

Business Expert Webinars, Minneapolis, which provides business eLearning training courses, reports that Twin Cities sales-management consultant Danita Bye will join its team of speakers in developing a book to help small businesses thrive.

The Business Expert Guide to Small Business Success is set to be published this spring by Business Expert Publishing, the book-publishing arm of the company, and will feature contributions by 22 business experts addressing critical sales and marketing areas for small businesses, according to the publisher.

Commenting on the value of the collaborative effort, Bye says in a statement that "this book will offer small businesses that do not have the resources for private consulting access to advice normally reserved for clients. The timing is right as well, with smaller businesses taking an economic hit.”

In addition to Bye’s chapter on sales hiring, other Twin Cities authors and topics include Sam Richter, Web search secrets; Hillary Feder, employee engagement; Sarah Day, pricing for profitability; Mic Pucklich, keeping your company out of court—employee litigation; and Lee Salz—sales compensation.

Other national contributors are:
• Cindy Cohen – face-to-face networking
• Drew Stevens – lead-generation strategy
• Richard Norris – business-development tactics
• Harlan Goerger – buying process facilitation and leadership
• Bill Guertin – sales
• Andy Miller – negotiation
• Roger Courville – delivering virtual presentations
• Lynne Jarman-Johnson – communication touch points
• John Myrna – business plan design and implementation
• Paul Pershes – managing cash flow
• Joseph Riggio – strategic decision making
• Tim Hagen – employee development
• Gary Gack – Six Sigma practices
• Peg Jackson – Sarbanes-Oxley/compliance
• Jeb Blount – investing in yourself
• Dave Hubbard – health/stress management for peak performance

Bye is the founder and CEO of Sales Growth Specialists, Minneapolis. The company designs and implements sales management systems that aim to increase sales, boost profitability, and create predictable revenue streams, even during difficult economic times, Bye says. She achieved award-winning sales performance before leaving Xerox after 10 years, to become an equity partner and national sales manager for Micro-Tech Hearing Instruments, Minneapolis. Bye says that she has increased Micro-Tech’s annual revenues from $300,000 to $10 million in 7 years.

Bye has authored articles in Upsize Magazine, The Hearing Review, the Star Tribune, and Business Journal, where she was recently honored as one of the its Top 25 Women to Watch.She is a guest on The Ruthless Entrepreneur television show which will begin airing on the Oxogen Network in 2010. Her new book, Sales Management in the No Excuse Zone, is due for release in 2010.

Click here to download her recent book, Accelerate Sales Revenues: 67 Tips to Raise Your Sales Results in a Recession and Target Sales Focus.

Business Expert Webinars provides skill-based, business eLearning training programs, helping speakers, consultants, and trainers monetize their expertise through eLearning. The  speakers are international business experts including best-selling authors, award-winning speakers, and business gurus, according to the company. It features 750 Webinars delivered by more than 150 speakers.

[Source: Danita Bye, Sales Growth Specialists]