Boston — Boston Device and Lantos Technologies will be debuting its handheld digital hearing aid fitting scanner at AAA 2012 in Boston, according to a recent Boston Device blog post.

The Lantos Scanner is a small, handled device composed of a fiberscope enclosed in a conforming membrane, which is then inserted into the patient’s ear canal.

The conforming membrane is subsequently filled with an “absorbing medium,” causing the membrane to expand and conform to the shape of the ear canal.

Next, the fiberscope retracts and generates a dynamic 3-D image of the ear canal in real time. The entire scan takes less than 60 seconds, according to the company.

The scanning data is then processed and sent electronically to the hearing aid manufacturer, anywhere in the world.

Lantos says that the advantages include a no-mess detailed three-dimensional representation of the ear for better communication with hearing aid manufacturers and a better fit for patients.

See more information in the video below.


SOURCE: Boston Device and Lantos Technologies