Sonic Alert, Troy, Mich, has added the Geemarc CLA9 Conversation Piece amplified hearing assistant to its line of products aimed at improving life for the hard of hearing.

The device features a sensitive microphone that relays clear sound to the user’s ear via lightweight earbuds, improving hearing so users can participate in conversations in a multitude of settings, according to the company.   

The user-friendly device features adjustable controls for tone and volume (up to 25 dB), and an indicator light showing when the amplifier is switched on, says the company. It comes with a 2.4V rechargeable battery and travel charger that offers up to 10 hours of talk time, a black velvet carrying case, a lanyard, a belt clip for easy portability, and a user guide. It is compatible with loop amplifiers, and in a loop listening facility, users can listen through the system without a hearing aid, says the company.

Sonic Alert serves the hard-of-hearing market with door bell, telephone, sound-signaling devices, and the Sonic Boom alarm clock line. It distributes Geemarc products, such as amplified telephones, neck loops and listening devices.

[Source: Sonic Alert]