American Network Inc, New York, introduces an evolutionary caller ID feature through’s services for those who are hard of hearing.

Until now, hard of hearing (late/accidental loss/difficulty in hearing) callers using captioned telephone services could only see the service provider number and not the calling party’s information, according to the company. PhoneCaption is a consumer-friendly captioned telephone service (CTS) provider that features caller ID pass-through for inbound/outbound telephone calls. This next generation capability allows hard of hearing individuals to view their calling party’s landline/mobile/IP phone number before answering the call—just like traditional phone calls available to hearing users.
PhoneCaption’s service uses patent-pending technology that allows users to see caller ID prior to accepting the call and to receive captions while talking on the phone.  As the caller speaks, the hard of hearing individual receives the spoken words in text captions to be read via the Web or a Cisco 79XX IP phone screen display.
To register for PhoneCaption’s FreeCaptioning service and to receive an assigned 10-digit telephone number, visit

[Source: PR Newswire]