CellScope Oto PRO Smartphone-enabled digital otoscopeOaktree Products has announced the introduction of its CellScope Oto PRO, a Smartphone-enabled digital otoscope designed to work with an iPhone 5, 5s, or iPhone 6. As previously covered in a Hearing Review article, the optical otoscope attachment converts the iPhone into a video otoscope that can capture, view, and share images or video of the tympanic membrane when used in conjunction with the CellScope mobile app.

The Smartphone-enabled digital otoscope comes packaged with a specially designed iPhone 5/5s and iPhone 6 case, according to the company. The CellScope Oto PRO also comes with an optical otoscope attachment, two pediatric sized reuseable specula (2.5MM), two adult sized reusable specula (4.5mm), a storage container (for otoscope attachment and specula) with attachable lanyard, and a quick start guide. Instructions for use, including how to download the necessary app within the App Store, are also provided.

The company reports that the CellScope Oto PRO is also capable of insufflation for purposes of performing pneumatic otoscopy. For more information about the new digital otoscope, read the original blog post about it on “AU Bankaitis’s Audiology Blog” by A.U. Bankaitis, PhD, FAAA, vice president at Oaktree Products Inc, or visit the Oaktree Products website.

Source: Oaktree Products, AU Bankaitis’s Audiology Blog