February 28, 2008

Cochlear Americas, a leader in cochlear implant technology, has announced the flagship Nucleus Freedom sound processor is now compatible with all previous Nucleus generation implants. This means that recipients implanted with earlier technology like Nucleus 22, Nucleus 24 ABI and Nucleus 24 Double Array implants can benefit from the latest hearing technology. 
“This new compatibility demonstrates Cochlear’s lifetime commitment to all of our Nucleus implant recipients,” says Chris Smith, president, Cochlear Americas. “Recipients implanted over 20 years ago can now enjoy many of the same benefits of future implant recipients. These innovations provide users with the freedom to enjoy music and handle even the most challenging situations such as conversations in a noisy restaurant as well as sports and activities around water.”
The Nucleus Freedom sound processor is the fifth upgrade for Nucleus 22 recipients and is designed to provide water and sweat resistance; superior hearing performance in a variety of environments with Cochlear’s SmartSound 2 innovation technology; rechargeable and/or disposable battery options; digital technology to provide clear sound; an array of wearing options and colors.
More information is available at www.cochlear.com.

Source: Cochlear Americas