Swedish-based Doro, an IDEA award-winning phone design company, offers HandleEasy models 330gsm and 326i gsm, which offer simplicity and functionality in mobile handsets.

The HandleEasy models 330gsm and 326i gsm, are GSM-compatible, include large easy-to-view display screens and keypads. The palm-sized 330 features a high-contrast color screen, text messaging, FM radio, a variety of ringers, a speakerphone, and access to phone directories stored on the user’s SIM card. The 326i features a larger keypad, four prominently positioned speed-dial buttons, a phone directory, a speakerphone, and a coating that creates an easy-grip surface on the entire phone.

These are the company’s first products available in the United States, andare  available at all Centennial Wireless retail stores in six states.

[Source: Doro]