Toronto, Canada — Fully automated Auditory Steady-State Response (ASSR) is now available with Vivosonic’s Integrity System, along with nonsedated ABR, OAEs, and noninvasive ECochG. Hearing threshold searches are fully automated, and an estimated audiogram is automatically generated.

ASSR is a quick and simple electrophysiological measure that aids in more effective clinical decision-making. Testing produces frequency-specific information, and provides an objective estimate of the behavioral pure-tone audiogram.

Sophisticated statistical algorithms enable the automatic estimation of hearing thresholds that strongly correlate with the “gold standard” behavioral and tone-evoked ABR threshold measurements. As an objective measure, ASSR is well suited for testing infants, young children, and those unable to provide reliable behavioral responses.

Features of Vivosonic’s ASSR module include:

  • Testing in natural sleep conditions. Advanced digital signal processing techniques using Kalman Weighted Averaging handle intermittent muscular artifact that typically makes response detection difficult.
  • Full automation. Simply select multiple frequencies and start the test. The system automatically searches for thresholds following predefined protocols, and generates an estimated audiogram. There is no need to interpret results.
  • User control and flexibility. As testing progresses, users can adjust stimulus levels and frequency settings, as desired.

The company also reports that it is now offering special pricing for its ASSR option until June 2011.

SOURCE: Vivosonic