Lafayette, Ind —  After more than two decades spent tranforming audiology to a doctoring profession with a single unifying designator, the Audiology Foundation of America (AFA) has announced it is closing its doors.

”Our mission has always been about upgrading the profession with improved education, more autonomy and independence for practitioners, and quality care for consumers from audiology professionals,” said AFA Executive Director Susan Paarlberg. “With the number of AuDs in the profession now over 50 percent, we feel confident that time and momentum will continue to propel the profession forward. It’s a real victory for the profession.”

In its final act as a nonprofit foundation, the AFA has assigned the remainder of its funds and assets, worth a reported $1.2 million, to the audiology program at AT Still University (ATSU) in order to launch the new AFA Institute. The AFA Institute will allow the audiology program at ATSU to provide cutting-edge resources for its students and further enhance the audiology practice model.

”This grant to ATSU will be the AFA’s enduring legacy,” said AFA Chair Deborah Price, AuD. “ATSU came to the AFA with a proposal that secures a win-win for the profession and the school. Graduates will be prepared to succeed in all aspects of audiology practice.

The AFA Institute honors all the practitioners who have supported the AFA and participated in the profession’s transition through the years.” added Price. “The AFA always worked very hard to treat its donations with respect and, by doing so, is now able to make a substantial grant to ATSU that will set a new standard and revolutionize clinical audiology education.”

This winter, the AFA also granted almost $60,000 in scholarships funds to Salus University and the Northeast Ohio AuD Consortium, as well as to the Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA) for its student mentoring program. All grants were made in the spirit of the AFA’s charitable mission.

The AFA office will remain open through mid-April 2010 to finish the remaining business of the foundation.

SOURCE: Audiology Foundation of America