Hamilton Relay has announced its 2012 Deaf Community Leader Award winners. Established in 2005, the award recognizes individuals who are deaf or deaf-blind and who have been a positive influence within their communities, demonstrating commitment to advocacy and leadership, and enhancing the lives of those around them.

"Our award recipients have worked tirelessly in giving so much to their communities," said vice president of Hamilton Relay, Dixie Ziegler. "It’s truly a privilege to recognize them for their contributions and all they’ve achieved."

This year’s leaders were nominated by their peers and selected for their outstanding accomplishments and service to others. The awardees are:

  • Dr. Patty Hughes, California
  • Christopher Patterson, Georgia
  • Walter Jastremsky, Jr., Idaho
  • Jonathan Scherling, Iowa
  • Terry Hostin, Kansas
  • Natalie Delgado, Louisiana
  • Patti Sarchi, Maine
  • David Jessop, Maryland
  • Jaimi Lard, Massachusetts
  • Cheryl Dickens, Montana
  • Lillian Hoshauer, Pennsylvania
  • Kelly Butterworth, Rhode Island
  • Paul Robertson, Tennessee
  • Robin Traveller, Utah
  • Alice Frink, Virginia

Individuals can read more about the accomplishments of this year’s recipients through Hamilton’s Facebook "Awards" tab and on www.HamiltonRelay.com

SOURCE: Hamilton Relay