Lilian Flores-Beltran, MEd, Latin America rehabilitation consultant for Cochlear Americas, received the distinguished 2005 Professional of the Year award given by the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (AG Bell) at the 2006 annual convention.

Flores-Beltran has traveled across the world in the pursuit of knowledge and has translated volumes of training materials into Spanish, enabling a growing number of deaf children in Latin America to have the opportunity to speak and listen. Each year the Professional Section of AG Bell receives a flood of nominations for outstanding hearing professionals deserving of recognition. Letters in support of Flores-Beltran stood out among the others, which were received from centers across the US and Latin America.

Flores-Beltran’s peers describe her a being instrumental in guiding parents, professionals, and children who are learning to listen and talk in Mexico and throughout the world. Some of her outstanding contributions to the field include providing Auditory-Verbal training and support to professionals and programs throughout South America and in the United States, Spain, and Mexico. Flores-Beltran is a strong supporter of Auditory-Verbal certification and recently was instrumental in helping the International Professional Section develop its strategic plan.

Flores-Beltran is a certified Auditory-Verbal therapist who currently serves as the coordinator of rehabilitation at the Audiology and Phoniatrics Department in the General Hospital of Mexico, an international affiliate of AG Bell, and also as a rehabilitation consultant for Cochlear Americas in Latin America. She has a master’s degree in technological education, and a bachelor’s degree in special education with specialties in cognition and language.

[SOURCE: Cochlear Americas, October 2006]