GN Otometrics has been awarded a multi-year contract to supply the new MADSEN AccuScreen newborn hearing screening device to Ontario’s Infant Hearing Program (IHP). The AccuScreen device is still awaiting FDA approval in the United States.

Each year in Ontario, approximately 300 children are born with, or acquire, permanent hearing impairment. IHP is a province-wide program that seeks to address the needs of these infants and their families.

IHP currently uses nearly 700 newborn screening devices across 12 designated regions of Ontario to screen 130,000 babies each year. More than 200 units of the new AccuScreen devices have already been delivered.

According to Otometrics, the Ontario Ministry selected the AccuScreen based on its ability to perform in a wide variety of testing environments, ease of use, ergonomics, and excellent disposables.

The new AccuScreen offers protocols that require OAE and/or ABR, selectable dB levels for ABR, and multiple ranges for OAE testing. The user interface and full color touch-screen allow for fast training and an efficient screening process.

Dan McNulty, general manager at GN Otometrics, commented in the press statement, "We are extremely pleased to be associated with IHP. This is an important step for the new MADSEN AccuScreen and builds on our legacy in the Americas. We look forward to the next steps, which include receiving FDA clearance and launching in the US market.”

SOURCE: GN Otometrics