Eyemaginations Inc, Towson, Md, a provider of patient education and productivity solutions for the health care industry, will unveil Eyemaginations Office – ENT, a new software system for otolaryngology professionals, at the AAO-HNSF annual meeting in Chicago. Designed to fit seamlessly into a practice’s existing workflow, the system helps streamline and enhance the patient consultation process by tackling the burden of time-consuming and repetitive procedural education.

“This system represents a significant step forward for the relationship between medical professionals and patients in the otolaryngology industry,” said Jeff Peres, the company’s president and CEO. “Not only can medical professionals streamline their workflow by freeing up valuable time, they can also increase quality of care per patient—an ideal outcome that before now seemed impossible.”

Eyemaginations Office can be implemented in the exam room, waiting room, and dedicated consultation and audiology rooms, depending on the size and layout of the practice. Driven by breathtaking 3-D animated visuals and user-friendly descriptions of diagnoses, treatments, and procedures, it helps patients leave the practice confident in their diagnosis and armed with the knowledge they need to ensure a successful course of treatment.