December 5, 2007

 After tabulating approximately 700 ballots, the NBC-HIS executive council reports the organization’s two open director positions have been reclaimed by incumbents Deborah Twisdale and Howard Hait.

 According to an NBC-HIS news release, Twisdale "has done an excellent job as secretary-treasurer for the past couple of years."

 The release characterizes Hait as an "experienced hearing health professional," whose input and expertise has proven to be invaluable. Twisdale and Hait will continue in their respective roles for the next 3 years, each beginning a new term January 1, 2008.

 NBC-HIS reports many qualified candidates were nominated for the director positions this year and indicates five director positions and nine new candidates will have to be chosen for next year. One incumbent is anticiapted to run for a second term in 2008.

 Source: NBC-HIS