February 7, 2008

Phonak is introducing the Exélia, which, according to a company report, combines the firm’s latest technology, audiological expertise and wireless connectivity to deliver "unprecedented hearing performance and user interaction together with easy access to modern communication and entertainment systems."

Phonak CEO Valentin Chapero states, “Exélia truly represents a major leap forward in hearing system technology, offering fantastic automatic functionalities in addition to a convenient wireless interface with the digital world. Exélia bridges the longstanding gap between the hearing instrument industry and the consumer electronics industry, providing wearers the same level of connectivity as everyone else.  When it comes to both audiological performance and interaction with the world around us, Exélia has no peer”.

Exélia hearing systems are based on Phonak’s revolutionary new CORE (Communication Optimized Real-audio Engine) technology, a wireless processing platform that can facilitate wireless transfer of fitting data to CORE enabled instruments.

The performance the new hearing system is based on SoundFlow, an automatic system designed to seamlessly create an infinite number of situation-specific programs. Backing SoundFlow is VoiceZoom, an adaptive, multi-channel directional system. Exelia includes WhistleBlock Technology for feedback cancellation. Phonak reports Exelia is the company’s most advanced hearing system to date.

More information about Exelia is available at www.exelia.phonak.com

Source: Phonak