Eden Prairie, Minn — Grason-Stadler announced that its GSI Suite, a new Audiometric Data Management Software, is now compatible with electronic medical record (EMR) systems.

EMRs are increasingly needed to modern audiology practices, especially those that are Medicare providers. The systems are designed to reduce paper work, improve efficiency and accuracy of recording patient data, and enable patient records to be digitally and securely shared with authorized medical providers and patients.

With EMR compatibility, GSI Suite can now capture, save and share patient information while improving reporting to support the needs of the contemporary clinic.

The GSI Suite features include test results in an EMR compatible format (PDF), the ability to retrieve test results for review, printing reports from PC compliant printers, the ability to e-mail PDF reports, and the networking of results by combining GSI Suite with OtoAccess.

GSI Suite currently provides EMR compatibility with the GSI 61 and now included with all new GSI 61 orders. The suite will also be available on additional products in 2011.

SOURCE: Grason-Stadler,