Sacramento, CA — In the spirit of the holiday season coupled with the goal of providing hearing aids to those in need,Avalon Hearing Aid Centers is donating hearing aids to 12 people in the greater Sacramento area.

Avalon is sponsoring a Hearing Mission called "The 12 Days of Christmas" to help 12 selected people in its community hear better before Christmas, but it needs the Sacramento community’s help first.

"We need the community’s help in finding these 12 people by December 6th," says Betty Vosters-Kemp, hearing healthcare provider and co-owner of Avalon Hearing Aid Centers, in the press announcement.

Vosters-Kemp says there are two main reasons people stop themselves from getting the help they need for untreated hearing loss. The first reason is due to the slow and gradual nature of most hearing losses; the second reason is cost.

"Many people simply feel that hearing aids cost too much and aren’t willing to spend the money until their hearing loss causes more frustration and embarrassment. Hearing aid prices range from $1000 to $3500 per instrument and most people need help for both ears,” says Vosters-Kemp.

For the 12 days before Christmas, Avalon Hearing will test 12 individual people who need hearing aids, but who may not be able to afford them at this time. All hearing services including custom ear molds behind-the-ear hearing instruments, plus continued follow-up care will be provided at no charge to these recipients. On December 20th, these people will all be fitted with their hearing aids at a special Hearing Mission event held at Avalon’s main office in Sacramento.

If you or someone you know needs help with their hearing in the Sacramento, California area, submit a written request as to why this person should be considered by December 6, to [email protected].

SOURCE: Avalon Hearing Aid Centers