April 30, 2007

Beginning the week of April 29 and for several weeks in May, the listeners of NPR’s "Morning Edition" and the national news talk show "Talk of the Nation" will hear sponsorship spots promoting the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), May’s Better Hearing and Speech Month, and ASHA’s web site (www.asha.org).

ASHA has become a corporate sponsor of NPR programming and will use the 10-second spots to promote the May observance.

“ASHA plans to be more active using Better Hearing and Speech Month to educate the public about our professions and communication disorders,” ASHA 2007 President Noma Anderson, says. “We have chosen to go with NPR this year because of its highly influential, civic-minded listeners. In a variety of ways,” Anderson explains, “NPR listeners lead at the grassroots. They are more likely than most to pass along what they hear to others in their communities.”

ASHA is creating a special “landing page” on its web site for those who hear the  NPR sponsorship spots and want to learn more. The page will provide them with easy access to lay information about the speech-language pathology and audiology professions, and topics related to communication science.

For five weeks beginning at the end of April, ASHA will also have a sponsorship presence on NPR’s web site, www.NPR.org. In an average month, more than 3 million visit NPR’s site. Also, 20 percent of the users of www.NPR.org are from overseas.

“ASHA is committed to raising the visibility of our professions,” Anderson notes. “We believe that NPR will be an effective way to reach a large and influential segment of the public about the important care they provide.”

Source: American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (www.asha.org)