The winners of AHAA’s Leadership Award together with AHAA CEO Vince Russomagno (far left). After Russomagno, left to right, are Kim and Douglas Bryant, and Frank Butts of Hearing Clinics of Virginia, Richmond.

Chadds Ford, Pa – Nearly 300 network associates and exhibitors attended American Hearing Aid Associates’ 14th annual convention earlier this year in Dallas.

Despite the difficult economic environment, AHAA’s message throughout the proceedings was that opportunity exists in all market conditions. CEO Vince Russomagno and President Tina Soika stressed that in their addresses, saying that the most successful practices coming out of the multiyear recession will be those that focus on executing well the fundamental business principles. AHAA calls it doing "All the Right Things," which was the theme of the meeting.

Using a new program format, the planners presented 25 highly interactive, hands-on workshops where attendees shared ideas and experiences with one another more than just listening to solo presenters.

As in previous years, the sessions were divided into five tracks for owners/CEOs, directors of operations/practice managers, audiologists/dispensers, practice development representatives, and telemarketers/front office personnel.

Attendees gave the program overwhelmingly high marks for its scope, relevance, and immediate practical applications.

Major hearing aid manufacturers and software vendors were exhibitors, and many of them also gave program presentations.

AHAA’s associate managers nominated top-performing practices in AHAA’s nationwide network to receive Centers of Excellence awards. The top President’s Award went to Lewis Breslau, AuD, Hearing Health Associates, New York; the Growth Award went to Chris Eckert, MS, CCC-A, Hearing Unlimited, Pittsburgh, Pa; and the Leadership Award to Kim and Douglas Bryant and Frank Butts of Hearing Clinics of Virginia, Richmond.

[Source: AHAA]