March 23, 2007

MedRx, Inc. announcd the commercial launch of a new hearing aid test chamber, the Polar HIT. The chamber measures ll” x 8 5/8” x 4 1/8” (LxWxH) and is specifically designed to reliably test and verify hearing instruments with directional capabilities.

A rotational test pad allows the professional to test both primary and secondary microphone functionality to ensure both are operational and delivering the desired output.  Included in this testing is the capability of measuring the polar plot associated with directional microphones to measure the instrument’s directional effectiveness.

The standard battery of ANSI and IEC tests are conducted automatically by the system.
The material properties of the Polar HIT chamber deliver significant sound reduction from ambient external noise that may interrupt or corrupt test results. The sound absorbing material allows noise to penetrate deeply into the material where it is absorbed efficiently because of the open structure and large surface area.

Smaller than typical test chamber setups, the MedRx instrument can be accommodated in many types of surroundings. The MedRx test chamber is a stand-alone device that connects to a computer via a USB port. The chamber requires no external power and complements the full line of AVANT computerized diagnostic and testing systems. Test results are automatically stored in NOAH™ for convenient retrieval. 

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