March 23, 2007

Hearing aid sales grew by 26 percent in fiscal 2006, according to a news release from AuDNet, Inc., that cited the increased sales over fiscal 2005 as “record growth.”

The organization attributes the growth to their business model, audiology care-focused consumer messaging, national branding efforts and tools exclusively for audiologists and doctors of audiology.
AuDNet audiologists have experienced above average practice growth, according to the release, which adds that in local markets that growth corresponds to the implementation of AuDNet’s marketing and branding strategies. Though AuDNet audiologists remain independent the company’s branding efforts focus on positioning them in the minds of consumers as “The Hearing Experts” under one united national audiology brand.

“The reorganization of AuDNet including the development and introduction of many practice management, branding, and marketing tools has provided a solid foundation on which to grow the company,” Kathy Foltner, AuD, CEO of AuDNet, said.

AuDNet recently launched www.HowToHear to help educate consumers about the importance of seeing an audiologist for hearing and balance care including hearing aids. The organization continues its national database registry for those wishing to buy or sell an audiology practice. To date, 173 audiologists are registered.

“ has proven not only to be a great tool in educating consumers about the importance of audiology care, but also is generating referrals for AuDNet member practices,” Foltner said. “We are excited to have the opportunity to position audiologists as ‘THE Hearing Experts’ across America.”

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