Preben Brunved (1941-2007)
Oticon, Inc.’s Longest Serving Employee

Preben Brunved, the longest serving employee of Oticon, Inc., the U.S. sister unit of international hearing instrument manufacturer Oticon A/S, died March 1, 2007 at his home in Somerset, NJ. Brunved was born August 10, 1941.

Following service as a sergeant in the Danish Royal Army Brunved joined Oticon in 1967, becoming one of the original employees to join the company’s newly-opened U.S. headquarters. Brunved also earned a degree in Electrical Engineering with a specialty in telecommunications from Frederiksberg Technical School.

Brunved was a recognized figure in the hearing care industry, known for his expertise in hearing instrument connectivity. Over the years, he conducted numerous trainings and workshops for hearing care professionals. Brunved represented Oticon on a number of industry and association boards, including several technical committees of the Hearing Industries Association.

Generous with this time and talents, Brunved devoted both professional and personal time to furthering the work of the AG Bell organization. Brunved possessed an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the history of hearing instruments that made him a valuable resource for both hearing care professionals and the news media. A display case of classic hearing devices that Brunved created for Oticon’s 100th anniversary celebration was featured in many newspaper and television reports chronicling history of hearing solutions.

“Preben was a dedicated professional who contributed immensely to the success and growth of Oticon, Inc. and the industry over the past 40 years,” noted Peer Lauritsen, Oticon, Inc. President. “It is with great sadness that I learned of Preben’s passing – I knew him to be a kind-hearted man whose combination of modest demeanor and generosity is as rare as it is commendable. There are few people who can claim to live their lives without pretense or egocentrism. Preben was such a person, although he would never credit himself with such virtues.”