One hundred AuD students from almost 40 different AuD programs across the country earned otoscopes this year as part of the 5th annual Clued into Audiology otoscope program sponsored by the Audiology Foundation of America (AFA), Lafayette, Ind. The program tests students’ knowledge about the history of their profession.

Students were asked to read a series of articles about the history of the AuD degree and audiology’s transition to a doctoring profession. They were then required to pass a quiz on the material and be one of the first 100 respondents before being awarded an otoscope. The program was open to all third-year AuD students in four-year AuD programs.

Funding for the program since its inception has been provided by the Hal-Hen Company, in conjunction with the Widex Hearing Aid Company, which this year supplied otoscopes and specula worth more than $16,000 in support of the AFA and AuD education.

The AFA is a nonprofit foundation whose mission is to empower audiologists to be independent and autonomous practitioners by supporting their educational preparation, professional practice, and leadership development.

[Source: AFA]