May 20, 2008
Med-El has received approval by the US Food and Drug Administration for its new rechargeable DaCapo battery and charging system.
The DaCapo system was developed for the Med-El OPUS 1, OPUS 2 and TEMPO+ speech processors.  MED-EL reports that its speech processors continue to be the lightest and slimmest available, and that the DaCapo system additionally reduces the weight by another 20% without limiting performance.
DaCapo is designed to be an environmentally friendly and convenient alternative to the existing battery options. The system reportedly is shipped with a charging unit and 3 PowerPacks, rechargeable batteries each lasting for 10 to 12 hours. It is compatible with most FM systems and other external hearing devices (e.g. Bluetooth with OPUS 2). DaCapo is available in all 6 frame colors, designed for a match with existing Med-El speech processor colors.

Source: Med-El Corporation