David T. Kemp, PhD, FRS, the founder of Otodynamics Ltd and recipient of the ARO Award of Merit and the ASHA Distinguished Service Award in 2003 for his work on OAEs.

Otodynamics specializes in otoacoustic emission instruments and offers a full range of screening, diagnostic, and research OAE systems—each one innovative in its own class.

Innovation is Otodynamics’ hallmark. Founded in 1988 by Dr David Kemp, the discoverer of OAEs, Otodynamics pioneered the introduction of OAEs into screening and audiological diagnostic service with the world-famous ILO88 and ILO92 PC systems. Its Echoport series was the first to provide the portability needed for newborn screening. In 1995, Otodynamics introduced the first ever stand-alone, battery-powered, OAE newborn screener, the EchoSensor, succeeded by today’s popular handheld Echocheck screener—the smallest, lightest, and most economical OAE screener available. Recently, Otodynamics was the first audiological instrument manufacturer to introduce the carefree USB interface to its OAE products.

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Advanced Features
Our latest advanced instruments feature true dual probe operation—four stimulation and two recording channels—for binaural OAE recording of TE and DPOAEs. This is valued for practical time saving in the clinic and also for the access it gives to state of the art OAE suppression and binaural interaction measurements. Our latest clinical software also includes facilities for formula-programmed DPOAE growth measurement, reported to give superior OAE threshold determination.

Advanced Software
Otodynamics’ OAE software encapsulates decades of experience with OAEs, dating back to their discovery in 1977. Our “ILO” OAE processing has become the standard for all other manufacturers. We offer ongoing compatibility with the most tried and tested OAE recording method. Today’s users expect much more than OAE analysis, which is why our latest V6 OAE software includes powerful data management and networking facilities, and testing documentation for traceability.

Outstanding Quality and Reliability
Our development team in Hatfield, UK, includes the pioneering engineers and scientists who created OAE technology and who have amassed great experience. We have the largest user group of any OAE manufacturer and are known for dedication to long-term support.

Rooted in Science
OAEs once surprised and amazed auditory scientists. Today—thanks in large part to Otodynamics—they are in routine service. Along the way OAEs led to new discoveries, including hair cell motility, contralateral cochlear suppression, and auditory neuropathy—discoveries that have yet to have their full impact on audiology. At Otodynamics we believe in allowing our product development program to be driven by good science and not by short-term commercial gains.

A Winning Combination for UNHS
In the United States, universal newborn hearing screening (UNHS) grew out of the successful Otodynamics ILO88 screening programs and has now matured with coverage of greater than 90%. Few other countries have yet reached this level of coverage, but the UK has a national program that will soon achieve just that. The UK program is based primarily on Otodynamics OAE products as the first level screen, using Echoport systems for hospital-based and Echocheck for community clinic-based screening.

Worldwide Support
Otodynamics has experienced dealers in 60 countries, plus full coverage throughout the United States. To find your nearest dealer, go to our Web site— www.otodynamics.com —and hit the Distributor Search button.