Oticon Pediatrics, Somerset, NJ, introduces a new initiative to promote and support pediatric-focused clinical research. The Oticon Pediatrics Research Initiative will provide support for US-based audiologists in pediatric practice conducting research to optimize hearing care and solutions for the youngest and most vulnerable members of the hearing-impaired population.

“The Oticon Pediatric Research Initiative reinforces our long-standing commitment to fostering knowledge, insight, and innovation that will benefit children and adolescents with hearing loss,” says Peer Lauritsen, president of Oticon Inc. “Without the contributions of dedicated researchers, our ability to achieve our goal of making a difference for children with hearing loss would be severely limited. Through this initiative we seek to encourage clinical inquiry that has the potential to transform the world of pediatric audiology.”

The Research Initiative is open to US-based audiologists who work with pediatric populations in hospital, educational, private practice, and other clinical settings. Depending on the nature of the research project, support may include provision of hearing aids and FM systems, funding for study expenses, and/or assistance in research design and Institutional Review Board (IRB) submission.

Oticon Pediatrics invites proposals that include a brief summary of the topic to be investigated, available resources at the facility such as staff support and equipment, a brief description of facility’s process for research project approval and contact information for the primary investigator. Oticon Pediatrics will work with the site on development of study details as needed. Deadline for proposal submission is September 1, 2009.

“Previous research experience is not required,” says George Lindley, PhD, AuD, manager, pediatric education and training. “We are seeking to attract project ideas that stimulate, facilitate, and promote research with the potential to optimize hearing care and solutions for children and adolescents.”

Audiologists interested in submitting a proposal or requiring additional information should contact Lindley at (800) 526-3921, ext 2806 or at [email protected].

[Source: Oticon]