GN Otometrics has received FDA clearance for its new ICS AirCal air caloric irrigator, which is now available in the United States. The ICS AirCal is a second generation of the original AirCal.

The new ICS AirCal enables caloric irrigation by combining air irrigation with the precision of water irrigation. Product improvements include a condensation-resistant head, time and temperature control, water level monitors, and visual and auditory signals to indicate wireless connection and testing. Additionally, the new version has a smaller footprint that is lighter and quieter.

Wendy Crumley, product manager at GN Otometrics, commented in a press release that the new AirCal is a result of extensive research and customer feedback. Based on user comments, AirCal’s controls were designed to be more user-friendly and displayed at an angle, allowing the physician to focus more on the patient.

More details about the ICS AirCal is available at

SOURCE: GN Otometrics North America