ZPower, a developer of rechargeable, silver-zinc microbatteries, announced the promotion of Nitin Arneja to Chief Information Officer. Arneja previously served as Director of Information Systems and in his new role will lead the efforts to develop technology solutions that protect, optimize, scale, and innovate the business.

Nitin Arneja, Chief Information Officer, ZPower

Nitin Arneja, Chief Information Officer, ZPower

Prior to joining ZPower, Arneja gained strategic, entrepreneurial, and technical expertise working for startup and Fortune 500 companies including Boston Scientific, Avery Dennison, Medtronic, and Accenture. With over 15 years of experience in software development, product development, program management, business process re-engineering, infrastructure, and security, Nitin provides an abundance of technical and business acumen to ZPower.

“Information systems and technology have rapidly evolved at ZPower,” said Ross Dueber, President and CEO of ZPower. “Nitin and his team have done an incredible job enabling our growth. Nitin’s elevation to CIO reflects the critical importance of information systems and technology across all facets of our business as we strive to continually plan, grow, and improve.”

ZPower silver-zinc rechargeable microbatteries are said to provide “the highest energy density” for their size compared to other rechargeable options and are capable of hundreds of recharges throughout their lifetime without significant loss of energy, according to the company’s announcement. They are said to be recyclable, non-toxic, and non-flammable. Currently a rechargeable option built into hearing aids from many major manufacturers, ZPower batteries are also found in bone-conducting medical devices and noise-masking sleepbuds.

Source: ZPower

Image: ZPower