Will Campbell

As one of the estimated 106.5 million people who enjoyed the most-watched event in the history of television—aka the Super Bowl—I won’t bore you with talk about what a great game it was so much as what a great commercial for hearing protection I saw during the telecast. You saw it too, didn’t you? Of course you didn’t, because there wasn’t a commercial for hearing protection. At least not in the traditional million-dollar, 30-second-advertisement sense.

Nevertheless, at the conclusion of the hard-fought contest, the cameras found and lingered on New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees basking in his team’s victory and sharing those glorious moments with his 1-year-old son Baylen, who he held in his arms. It was a priceless moment that was beamed to televisions around the country and world. And I do mean priceless, not only because it was such a moving demonstration of a father’s love for his child, but also because covering Baylen’s tender little ears and protecting them from the deafening roar filling the stadium was a Peltor Junior headset—and Peltor didn’t pay a dime for such an unreal level of exposure. As a fan of football, I was thrilled by such an exciting game. But as a fan of the hearing health care industy, I’m even more thrilled that the important subject of hearing protection and an instrument devoted to that task found itself so serendipitously front and center before such a huge audience on such a magnificent stage.

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