With the introduction of RISE, an advanced microchip platform, Oticon helped pioneer a new dimension in hearing care: wireless connectivity for people with hearing loss. Wireless access to cell phones broadened the possibilities for hearing-device users, but there were limitations when it came to streaming sound from TVs and existing landline phones.

To address the challenge, Oticon Inc, Somerset, NJ, introduces Oticon ConnectLine, a new system of connectivity solutions to enable a simple, high fidelity connection to any TV or landline phone.

ConnectLine connects wirelessly and seamlessly to TV and landline phones, enabling effortless transitions between functions with the push of a button on the hearing instruments’ companion device, Streamer. The new “plug and play” ConnectLine TV adaptor and ConnectLine Phone adaptor complement and optimize the wireless capabilities of Oticon’s premium RISE-based Dual and Epoq hearing solutions.

The small ConnectLine TV adaptor connects to the audio output of any TV. It has a range of up to 30 feet and runs on its own power supply. Users experience high-quality audio streaming binaurally through their hearing instruments—listening at their preferred volume and without the latency delay experienced with off-the-shelf Bluetooth transmitters.  The adaptor needs no recharging, and there are no additional gadgets or loop installations required. After an initial pairing with the Streamer device, the ConnectLine connects automatically whenever the Streamer is activated.

The adaptor turns any landline phone into a cordless Bluetooth phone, and it aids seniors who continue using their current landline phone. Users press the phone button on the Streamer to pick-up or end calls, and the adaptor does not interfere with the ability of other household members to use the landline phone as usul. Users can connect to a landline or cell phone with the same Streamer, which pairs with up to eight devices. 

"There are no dropped connections and no need to pair again,” says Peer Lauritsen, president of Oticon. 

Oticon provides a ConnectLine online technical support pairing guide and live technical support. ConnectLine is available beginning in April.  For more information about the ConnectLine wireless connectivity solutions, visit oticonusa.com.

[Source: Oticon]