Oticon Medical announced that its Ponto Pro Power bone anchored hearing system has won an iF Product Design Award 2012. An international panel of judges recognized the Ponto Pro Power for its design quality, degree of innovation, functionality and ergonomics.

Ponto Pro Power, built on Oticon’s RISE sound processing platform, is the latest addition to the company’s portfolio of bone anchored hearing solutions for people with conductive or mixed hearing loss or single sided deafness.

“We are very proud that the iF Design Awards have chosen to recognize Ponto Pro Power’s unique combination of function and aesthetics,” said Jes Olsen, Oticon Medical general manager. 

Olsen noted that the design challenge for Ponto Pro Power was to create a slim, discreet, ergonomic device that also featured an easy-to-locate and operate push button for selecting programs.

Ponto Pro Power’s resulting sleek, organic shape follows the natural contours of the ear and blends easily with surrounding ear and hair. The smooth, easily accessed push button provides a modern graphic element that can also be adapted for colorful decals to appeal to younger wearers. The sound processor’s smooth, semi-shiny shell is available in four colors to match a range of skin and hair tones.

SOURCE: Oticon Medical