New York School for the Deaf, (NYSD) also knows as “Fanwood”, is celebrating a milestone achievement, as the month of April marks the School’s 200th Anniversary! As the oldest school for the deaf in New York State, the second oldest school for deaf in the country, and the only school for the deaf in Westchester County, NYSD continues their series of special events to commemorate this momentous occasion, the school announced in a blog post.

To kick off the celebration, NYSD students and staff members had a 200th Anniversary birthday party on April 19. The festivities began with the unveiling of a beautifully crafted mural depicting the School’s 200 years of rich history and excellence in deaf education, according to NYSD.

DJ Nico DiMarco

The mural is unique in that it was created by a deaf artist with the assistance of students, staff, and community members from NYSD’s past, present, and future, the school said.

Following the unveiling, there was an “old-fashioned” picnic lunch where students and staff members celebrated and sang “Happy Birthday” in American Sign Language (ASL).

Finally, what birthday party is complete without dancing? To wrap up the day, there was a big dance party featuring DJ Nico DiMarco. Nico is a very successful and talented deaf DJ who performs nationally and is the brother of Nyle DiMarco, who was the first deaf contestant to win both America’s Next Top Model and Dancing with the Stars, according to NYSD. Who says deaf people can’t dance?

“We have achieved this milestone through the hard work and dedication of our entire school community.  We are thrilled to take this opportunity to reflect back on our 200 years, while also planning for the next 200 years.
– Alexis Kashar, president, New York School for the Deaf Board of Trustees

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Source: New York School for the Deaf, posted by Agorey

Image: New York School for the Deaf, DJ Nico DiMarco Facebook page