Auditdata, Taastrup, Denmark—a global manufacturer and distributor of advanced PC-based testing and diagnostic instrumentation for the hearing care and medical industries—announced the recent appointment of Terry Ross to direct their sales efforts in the United States and Canada. Ross has more than 37 years of global management experience in the hearing care industry, and has worked with, and for, a number of leading technology and instrumentation manufacturers throughout his career.

“While Auditdata has over a 20-year history in audiology and software, they are relatively new to the North American market,” said Ross. “Today,  Auditdata offers the most advanced  computerized solutions for audiologic testing, fitting, and managing a professional retail environment. We are focused on value, ease of use and installation, and state-of-the-art computerized solutions for today’s changing market needs.”

Auditdata’s US sales office is located in King of Prussia, Penn.

Source: Auditdata