New York — Building on their existing video relay interpreting services, LifeLinks has introduced real time captioning and recording for more than 180 languages, including American Sign Language (ASL), utilizing many smartphones.

No specialized equipment is needed. Using any current computer or most iPhone/Android handheld devices, users can gain instant access to LifeLinks’ pool of international interpreters. The service is designed for doctors, nurses, and lawyers who will be able to communicate with their patients or clients.

The service will also save users money. Instead of having specific interpreters on 24/7 call for various languages and ASL, hospitals, for example, can access interpreting services in sign language and 180 spoken languages, as well as innovating cutting edge videoconferencing technology.

LifeLinks reportedly employs highly talented, certified, and experienced interpreters and support professionals.

The company concentrates its services in select business and medical sectors, such as interpreting for foreign-speaking deaf and hard-of-hearing people in night courts, sheriffs’ offices, police vehicles, immigration situations, airports, hospitals, ports of entry, customs, border crossings, TV news stations, etc.

SOURCE: LifeLinks