Garry Gordon, audiologist and CEO of E.A.R. Inc, sent The Hearing Review this photo taken 2 miles from his home near Boulder, Colo. Gordon writes:

HR GarryGordonColoFloods
Garry Gordon of E.A.R. Inc in front of a flooded-over
road near Boulder. 
(Garry’s arm is in a splint due to a
previous accident unrelated 
to the flooding.)

“Just a quick note to let you know that the Colorado floods were absolutely unbelievable with the amount of damage they caused.  Fortunately E.A.R. Inc and its staff members came through them with minimal problems and are servicing accounts worldwide. We are also doing whatever we can to help others who were placed in a bad situation. The sun has finally appeared and enabled helicopters to continue with evacuations. Apparently we have 6 confirmed deaths and more than 1000 people unaccounted for. I have never seen anything of this magnitude with many small towns cut off from transportation, food and communications.”