HearingPlanet is marking 10 years of helping more than 25,000 people hear better, offering  information on multiple hearing aid brands all in one place, and a hearing aids buyer’s guide, the company says.

Since navigating a hearing aid purchase can be overwhelming, many delay getting treatment.  HearingPlanet provides personal hearing consultants who offer guidance and education at no cost, the company says. Through a nationwide network of more than 1,100 clinics, the company provides face-to-face fittings of hearing aids from leading manufacturers such as Phonak, Resound, and Siemens, and provides the right model to fit each person’s needs and lifestyle, the company says. 

The company also provides online education and a selection of the advanced hearing aid technology, the company says.

More than 95% of people with hearing loss can be successfully treated, but unfortunately, the average person waits 7 years to seek treatment, the company says—adding that it removes the barriers and simplifies the process by offering unbiased information and practical help on selecting hearing aids

[Source: HearingPlanet]