It was announced in news reports on February 5, 2015 that Margaret A. Hamburg, MD, Commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has resigned from her position, effective March 2015. Dr Hamburg served in this role for nearly 6 years, during which time she oversaw a range of public health initiatives for the FDA, including drug approvals, food safety, and tobacco control, among others.

One of the many initiatives that was addressed during Dr Hamburg’s tenure with the FDA was the draft Guidance Document for clarifying PSAP descriptions, as reported in a November 18, 2013 article in The Hearing Review.

According to a report from Reuters, Dr Hamburg has been one of the longest-serving FDA Commissioners in recent years. Dr Hamburg had been nominated for the Commissioner position by President Barack Obama, and was confirmed by the US Senate in May 2009. When asked during an interview why she was stepping down from her post, Dr Hamburg cited the challenging demands of the job as one of the reasons.

For more details regarding Dr Hamburg’s resignation from the FDA, see the announcements on the FDA website or Reuters news site.

Source: FDA, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal

Photo credit: FDA